What does Boudoir Photography mean to you? Let me know what you think?

Everyone has an idea of their own about what boudoir photography is and many photographers offer different levels of Boudoir Photography.

Some offer a very simple set where the client will be laying on a studio backdrop in her under wear to Studios set up for a Luxury Boudoir experience.

Here at Red Bow we offer the most luxurious and stylish Boudoir studio in the South of England with two new bedroom sets, a variety of soft furnishings, chaise longue, gold ornate chairs and so much more. We also have fabulous facilities with a welcoming new reception and private parking facilities to make your time here comfortable and fun xx

First and foremost it isn’t sleazy and it certainly doesn’t degrade women. It doesn’t mean you have to be naked or for that matter in skimpy lingerie.

Boudoir Photography here at Red Bow is about you and who you are from inside out. It’s about your individual sensuality and beauty. It is also about the fabulous experience and how it can make you feel about yourself. A boudoir session can be very empowering, liberating and lots of fun while preserving your privacy and becomes an experience you will cherish for years to come.

Boudoir sessions have become very popular and even fashionable because every woman wants or needs to know she is beautiful. We spend our lives being lots of things to lots of people: the career woman, the mother, the cleaner, the cook, the lover and all this takes its toll and a Boudoir Shoot has helped so many ladies regain their confidence.

Sensual, sexy and flirty images are now often given as gifts for that special someone. Women are now treating themselves with this experience after a milestone achievement, weight loss or recovering from an illness or even divorce.
It is also very popular now for brides to surprise their future husbands with a boudoir album on their wedding day.

So what do your wear? Well that will depend on you, and as far as I am concerned its whatever makes you feel comfortable.

It is all about you and what you want so if in doubt message me and we can chat and decide what is best for you. I look forward to hearing from you!