Hi there, I’m Alison

I specialise in Boudoir photography which is simply taking intimate portraits of women in their lingerie. This is something that is very close to my heart, making women feel incredible and special.

I certainly don’t think we should all be running around glamorous all the time. I have had many years feeling less than confident and feeling like I could never being able to look like those girls in a magazine but now I know that’s just not true! It was my own personal hangups.

As a Breast Cancer survivor I have chosen to do every day what I love. I have been through those awful times of low self esteem, feeling ugly and worthless. My love of photography has helped me survive! I set up Red Bow over 15 years ago and now I want to give every woman the chance to feel beautiful by giving them the most amazing makeover and photo session that they will ever experience.

What ever the reason is for you wanting to do a Boudoir Shoot, do it for you! You deserve to feel beautiful and amazing.

It’s liberating, empowering, easy and most of all FUN!

This is your time!!