Wow what a day!  From the moment I arrived, I felt I was meeting with a friend.  Alison made me feel so welcome and at ease.  She showed me around the studio and explained everything.  Kelli, the hair/makeup artist went through my brief and had read it beforehand but also went through my look with me again to make sure I was going to be happy.
At every stage Alison is there but will listen and guide everything.  There isn’t anything to worry about.
Alison somehow brought the confidence out of me.  I knew I was in safe hands.  It all reflects in the pictures as I still don’t believe that is me in the pictures.  I am thrilled with them!  I cannot wait to receive them!
I couldn’t sleep that night and was still buzzing the next day.  I have told all my friends to book a shoot!
The whole experince from booking to the end is totally seamless!
# empowered, change, journey, bucket list, self love, self esteem, self worth, confidence, oily and loving it! Charlize Theron ;)
So thank you Alison and the Boudoir Team. X
Mystery Babe.

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