I’ve watched these shoots from afar for a while now and always wanted to do one myself. Never having the confidence that I’d look anything like all these amazing ladies, I kept holding back. I turn 40 this year and suddenly found myself having a “just do it” moment, I hit the button to book. Cue excitement and anxiety. I think I worried about pretty much everything. I needn’t of. Alison was at the end of the phone or email and was happy to talk me through all my questions or worries. Even when my hair appointment got cancelled and an outfit I’d ordered came damaged, I was assured all would be fine. From the moment I got there I was made to feel so welcome and my excitement kicked in. My hair and makeup was done beautifully and then we decided what outfits and shoes would work. Alison talked me through and showed me each pose, and her eye to detail was amazing, moving the slightest bit of hair or straightening a strap. The whole day was super relaxed and I even started to enjoy myself. Viewing the photos I actually couldn’t believe they were of me! The hardest part of the whole day was deciding which ones to choose. My husband always says he wishes I could see myself the way he does, well I finally think I’ve had a glimpse. I can’t wait to receive my photos and surprise him after managing to keep the whole thing secret. So glad I booked. You seriously won’t regret going for it. X

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