“If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it” – Erada

Recently, there has been a fire within the photography industry for boudoir photography and this fire has spread further and further. This genre of photography is becoming more and more popular, however this popularity hasn’t happened over night. There is a long history of tradition and unique style that has lead us to what we now know as “Boudoir Photography

During the 1920’s, it was generally illegal to have any type of nudity in photographs, but then came along ambitious artists such as Albert Arthur Allen, a French artist, who created stunning photographs of women, especially larger women who posed romantically against gorgeous ornate backgrounds. This was really the foundations of boudoir photography.

Next came the female icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, who really brought forward sex and femininity.  This was the era of curves and appreciation of the female form.

Fast forwarding a decade or so to the 1950’s, this is when people realise that sex sells and soon the erotic tactics of pin up employed for war advertising were extended to all advertising.

Then, during the 70’s, as pop culture at large was losing interest in pin up, in comes Brigitte Bardot, along with other female icons who became sex symbols and really took the previous pin up style of fun and girly, to sexy and provocative. Putting their own spin on a unique style fired up feminism and really set the foundations of “Boudoir Photography” today.

Now here we are, 2015. Where I feel we are pushing forward still with the style, and proving to women day by day that we can all be “sexy” and we can all be “glamorous”. Here at Red Bow, we hear every day about how terrified and nervous ladies are when thinking about having a makeover boudoir shoot, but these very same ladies are always so surprised to find how much more confident they are when leaving us. All the time we are developing our style and keeping up with current trend. A boudoir photo shoot with us is always fun and guaranteed to boost your confidence.