Choosing outfits is very important for your Boudoir Shoot.

Your outfits will determine the style of your shoot. I will go over diffferent styles next so you can see which styles you like!

Always pick styles/outfits that reflects YOU!

If lingerie isn’t you, maybe “girl next door” is more your style. But of course you can mix and match styles too! Our base session includes 2 outfit changes.

Always make sure you pick outfits that flatter your body type.

All in ones, Bodies, Corsets or off the shoulder sweaters are fantastic for women who aren’t comfortable with their stomach areas.

Thigh high stockings and Stilettos are great for those who want to slim their legs.

If your bum is an area you aren’t comfortable with, you may lean towards covering it up! This is actually the opposite of what you want! Cute cheeky panites actually make your bum look much better than covering it up!

Make sure you try on all your outfits before your shoot to make sure they fit properly!

If any questions on outfits, feel free to email, call or text us!

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