I have had the privilege of stumbling across Red Bow Boudoir Photography during the pandemic lockdown and straight away, it went into my bucket list. Life and other priorities got in the way then, as they always do. My youngest daughter Maya just came back from a gruelling cancer treatment as part of a clinical trial in Manhattan, New York. Happy to say she’s currently stable.
As a nurse, I got intensively involved as a healthcare front-liner during the Covid19 pandemic, working 70-75 hours a week for the last 20 months! In 2021, we bought our first family home in which we scraped every penny we had saved up. Fast forward to today, even if people started to make more money, the cost of living and housing increased often faster than the wages. I have lost sight of myself and who I really am because family, work and economic circumstances were always at the forefront.
I finally managed to stop, reflect, and did some re-thinking and re-setting my priorities. This time, I chose to prioritise myself and it’s now my time to shine and do things for myself. I want to celebrate ME!
Red Bow Boudoir is such a transformative experience that gave me the opportunity to explore myself intimately, in a positively liberating way. The welcoming hospitality upon entering the venue, Becky’s hair & make-up superpower metamorphosed me into a dazzling goddess! Alison’s professionalism and magical creativity unleashed the true power and confidence within me, as I celebrate my journey.
I didn’t know how to act sexy but Alison coached me through everything. Each image was taken against ostentatiously luxurious backdrops and opulent sets where I was guided through poses, facial expressions and twists that mostly flatter my body shape.
This was way better experience than I initially imagined. I had been following Alison’s Red Bow Boudoir on social media which only cemented my gut feeling that what she does here is extraordinarily special. I wanted to savour every moment as it was all about ME. Everyone deserves to feel this worthy, with a boost of confidence, indulgence, and copious amount of gorgeousness!
Red Bow Boudoir experience is exactly the spark I needed in my life right now. Thank you Alison and Becky! I’m still glowing from the exhilarating Red Bow Boudoir experience! Warm personality, excellent work and professionalism from start to finish. Not only did I leave the venue with favourite sets of sophisticated images and a lasting impression of my self-image, I also genuinely had fun!
Red Bow Boudoir: you are a credit to humankind!’

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