Many times ladies call us in a panic that they can’t find anything suitable to wear during their boudoir experience, and although we’ve already done a blog on things to bring along to your boudoir shoot, today we’re going to be talking about the dreaded nude shots! These are the easiest and sometimes the sexiest shots we can do as there are no complicated outfits, no labels to remember to cut off and no worrying about fitting into anything tight. Just your beautiful silky skin!

Will you see me naked?

NO! We are not interested in seeing you naked. I can assure you that during the photo shoot it is an all-female team and the only interest we have in your being naked is to get you stunning photographs that you can treasure forever. We operate in a confidential way, from during your photo shoot to what happens with the pictures afterwards. During your shoot we hold up blankets to cover you up whilst you get into nude poses which I would have already demonstrated for ultimate ease and privacy. After all, you need to feel comfortable during your photo shoot and making you feel safe and secure during your photo shoot is of our utmost importance and there is absolutely NO PRESSURE to go nude!

We have a private dressing room where you can change out of your clothes into a dressing gown so that you are covered at all times! Alison will then demonstrate the pose and both Alison and Juliette will turn around and hold a blanket so you have complete privacy getting into the pose and when you are ready all you have to do is let Alison know and she will take your stunning photographs! Full guidance with posing will be provided

What about my…?

Often ladies worry about blemishes such as bruises and stretch marks during the naked shots, but we promise to pose you in such a way that you have enough on show to make it sexy, but we don’t have you with everything on show, so although you’re naked, you’re still covered with things such as bed sheets, voile, boa’s etc. We call this “suggestive nude”. If that doesn’t put your mind at ease enough, we do edit all the photos before you view them so there’s really no need to worry!

So if you’re not totally convinced on a boudoir photo shoot with us, take a look around the rest of our website, have a read of our blogs and hopefully we’ll be hearing from you soon to book your makeover boudoir photo shoot experience! If you do however have any questions or just want to have a chat about making a booking, give us a call on 01227 719185 or email us at

See you soon!