So here are my top 10 reasons why I think every woman should experience a boudoir/makeover photo shoot at Red Bow Boudoir Photography:

1. Having a professional photo shoot that includes hair, makeup, creative lighting, a qualified professional photographer can be very addictive, to the point we are having ladies re-booking because they had so much fun. You are guaranteed to look amazing and every lady should experience that at least once in her lifetime.

2. As Gok Wan would say you CAN look good naked. In fact someone told me I should be Gok after making them feel so liberated and beautiful in front of the camera. As a professional Boudoir photographer I know every trick in the book to get that sexy flattering look. I work wth ladies of all ages, shapes and size and know how to get the best look to achieve those sexy WOW factor photos. But remember you DO NOT have to go naked unless you are happy and comfortable with doing so.

3. Getting dressed up is fabulous and fun. Go shopping and buy yourself some new gorgeous stuff or try out some of our outfits and props, when was the last time you dressed up to feel sexy.

4. Ladies are always putting off a shoot even though they really want one for all sorts of reasons, I want to lose weight, I have just had a baby, I need to get a boob job but you look perfect NOW, you dont need to worry we can make you look good, and feel good whatever the situation so why put it off you look fabulous today, and you cant put back the hands of time so do it NOW.

5. This is the perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, fiance, wife, girlfriend or even better for you! I have not met one lady whose man has not been over the moon with the photos of his lady. And I get so many guys buying Gft Vouchers for their ladies birthday, anniversary, Christmas that I just know that our men love us and love to see gorgeous photos of us.

6. A celebration is always a good reason to have a boudoir photo shoot, whether you are getting married, having a milestone birthday, a special anniversary, got divorced then a shoot is a great way to celebrate.

7. It’s your chance to be really glamorous for a day. How often do you get the chance to dress up and look really glamorous and better still to have a record of it with such gorgeous photos. Seriously does any woman need an excuse??

8. Having your makeup done by a professional make up artist, these ladies are talented and specialise in making each lady look special and sexy. If you are not doing the shoot as a surprise for your man then get him to take you out in the evening to show off your gorgeous makeover.

9. SHOCK your friends!!! I know they will be jealous and will think you are fabulous for doing a shoot and wish they could do t themselves and will then want one done. Liberate you and liberate your friends.

10. Every woman should be able to feel good about themselves. Having a photo that makes them feel special every time they look at it is worth every penny. Time flies past so quickly so make time for YOU, NOW!!!