1. Are you happy to share your age with us (if yes please state) and any body concerns you had prior to your shoot?


  1. What initially inspired you to book a boudoir photoshoot?


  1. How did you feel leading up to the session? Any nerves or excitement?

Both nervous and excited

  1. Can you share a favourite moment or memory from the photoshoot experience?

Going from 1-5!

  1. What made you choose me as your photographer for this intimate session?

I saw previous photos

  1. Did the final images meet your expectations?


  1. What aspects did you particularly love?

Made to feel amazing!

  1. How did you feel seeing the finished photos for the first time?

Absolutely loved how insane they looked

  1. In what ways do you think the experience impacted your self-confidence or body positivity?

Confidence through the roof

  1. Would you recommend a boudoir photoshoot to others and if so why?

Definitely, massive confidence boost

  1. How do you plan to use or display the images from your session?

Not sure, but tease with photos on the mobile app

  1. Is there anything you would change or do differently if you were to do another boudoir photoshoot in the future?


  1. Please add any other feedback you would like to offer. Thank you.

Thank you for making me feel fabulous!

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