“I sat and watched in the back ground on the Facebook page wondering if I had the courage to give it a try, I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for a while when I was younger but I felt that I wasn’t happy with my body after kids and being so slim and small in size in my 20s, after putting on weight and being in a happy place in my life 40s, I made the call and booked in ! The hardest part at this time was finding the outfits. On the day I drove from Essex to Canterbury wondering how the day would go. When I arrived I was made to feel so welcomed by Alison and Becky it’s all very low key and made to feel comfortable and showed me around, I enjoyed having me hair and makeup done as any girl does. Once we was ready we went upstairs to the studio and made a start , Alison showed me how to do the poses and best ways to get the best out of me photos and experience, it certainly didn’t feel like long enough and was all over before I knew it, but strangely while having a tea and something to eat I actually felt exhausted from all the posing lol, once Alison had done the editing, I got to view my photos !. Well I was shocked and amazed so many to choose from, I was so happy at how they had turned out and I left driving home feeling amazing and happy that I had taken the plunge to give it a go.
My photos arrived a week later, I was so excited and the presentation of my photo album was flawless.
So if your sitting there wondering if too or not I’d say definitely book yourself in and tick that box off your bucket list xx”

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