I sat on the side lines watching on Facebook and Instagram while I thought of all the reasons why I shouldn’t book myself in – I’m too fat and need to lose weight, I don’t have the right body shape, ewww look at me when looking in the mirror, I need to save money to be able to do it. Any and every excuse to not do it. Then the opportunity arose and I was booked in. From the beginning communication was fab, and Alison was so reassuring and provided all the information I needed whether that be via text/email or phone. Queries were answered quickly. I made sure to read all the info given. I got the girls measured, I decided the look I wanted, booked myself in with my hairdresser/a Mani/a pedi and threading. On the the day the studio was easy to find. Alison greeted me at the door and I was introduced to Becky who would be doing my hair and make up. All I can say at my hair and make up when she’d finished was WOW! I was then shown around the studio and Alison helped me select what to wear for the shoot from the outfits I’d brought with me. There are some lovely pieces you can borrow if you wanted in the clients wardrobe. Alison is really good at picking poses she wants you to do, and at explaining (and showing) how to get into them. The shoot was over so quickly! I actually enjoyed it. We had a spot of lunch and a coffee and then it was time for the big reveal. You get to see your pics on a large screen and you go through the pics you want, (colour and black and white) good luck choosing!! Alison talks you through your photos, and discusses the packages available. (I should say there’s no pressure selling!) At the end of the day I loved the whole experience and couldn’t understand why I’d been so nervous. Thank you Alison and Becky for giving me a wonderful day! I’m looking forward to my beautiful pictures! And most importantly thank you for helping me to look at myself differently! I left feeling empowered and realising I don’t look as bad as I thought I plan to revisit!

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