Just wanted to add my thoughts to this amazing page, following my own shoot; a treat to myself for my 60th birthday. Yes, age is just a number, but for me this is a significant one! Alison and Hannah quickly made me feel at ease; I felt like I’d known them for years within about 5 minutes! A relaxing day, but at the same time, getting into some of those poses was … well let’s just say 60 is a significant age!  I was looking for risqué 5, and for those who may have seen any of my pics, I think we pulled that off! I don’t think I represent your average 60 year old, or what most of us think of as being that age, in these pics, which is what I was hoping for! I had the best day; I loved it, I loved the results and I’d highly recommend it! Come on ladies, bite the bullet and go for it!

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