Here we answer those common questions why ladies think they cant have a Boudoir Shoot, But they can!!!

1. I don’t want people to see my photos!

Don’t Worry!
Yes we do put photos on our Facebook page, blog, website and in our newsletters but we only post pictures with our clients’ consent. When you arrive for your shoot you will be given a questionnaire and one of those questions will be. ‘Can we use your photos?’ If you say ‘NO’ we WILL NOT use your photos. Our aim from the minute you book is to make you feel comfortable. We will always ask you for your permission to show your beautiful photos and it is totally up to you, we will never pressurise you. We have ladies that have jobs that will not allow us to use their photos and ladies that just want to keep them private. Some ladies also say that on our website is ok but no to Facebook.
Bottom Line: We will never display your photos without your consent.

2. I don’t have anyone to do it for!

Do it for you!
We know that many of our ladies have shoots done for their other half whether its for a wedding pressie, birthday, anniversary or just because they want to treat him, but for us its about you and making you feel every bit the beautiful woman you are and doing a boudoir shoot is a good way to help you regain confidence in yourself. But whether you are doing a shoot for you or for that special someone our ladies say that the experience was just as great for them as it was for him :)
Bottom Line: Do it for you first and for him second.

3. I need to lose pounds before I have a Shoot!

You really don’t!
Many of our ladies say they need to lose weight before having a shoot because they dont want bits shown that they dont like but believe me you really don’t. We are not saying dont stop thinking of weight loss especially if its for your health and emotional well-being, but you do not need to lose weight to look good in your pictures! We believe that every woman is beautiful as she is right now, and Alison knows how to pose you and use a variety of lighting techniques to enhance your best features. And dont forget all of our shoots include a professional makeover with full hair and makeup to give you that boost. You will love it and its a good way to feel great about yourself and when you see your photos you will love them.
Bottom Line: You do NOT need to lose weight to look good in your Boudoir Photos.

4. I really don’t know how to be sexy!

Don’t Worry!
There are many ways to look sexy and we will help you. Every woman is different and Alison will guide you through the whole process, from the tip of your fingertips through to your toes. Alison will make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable the whole time. You will not be expected to do anything you are not relaxed with so that the natural sexy you shines through in your photos.
Bottom Line: All you have to do is show up, and we will guide you on posing, breathing and expressions – no worries!

5. I don’t have any sexy outfits!

Don’t worry!
There is no right or wrong when deciding what to wear for your boudoir shoot. Our rule of thumb is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Sexy will come naturally after that. Even a woolly jumper or a silky negligee, little black dress can have exactly the same desired effect. You will rock in whatever you choose to wear.

Here are a few ideas of what other ladies have chosen to wear and have looked just as gorgeous:

  • White tank top with undies
  • Button up shirt (yours or his)
  • Silky robe
  • Any wrap that gives the illusion of nudity (we have lots of stuff here to help you with that)
  • Woolly jumper
  • Lacey tops
  • Your man’s tie to go with your bra, or even topless if you’re brave enough
  • Jacket

Bottom Line: Anything goes.

6. I can’t afford a Boudoir shoot

It’s a one off treat!
I don’t know your financial situation but there are a few things to consider. I understand you may not be able to afford a couple of hundred pounds just like that but we can help make your dream of a boudoir shoot come true by setting up a payment plan for you. You can also save for a photo shoot just like you would a girls night out, a holiday, or that designer handbag you really want! A boudoir photo shoot is an investment, and it may be something that you only get to do once in your lifetime. So if you want a fantastic unforgettable, confidence boosting experience with great quality photos to love your whole lifetime you can! Just plan!
Bottom Line: We want to help you get the chance to have that Boudoir Experience, Just call !!!

7. A boudoir shoot means seeing me naked!

No it doesn’t!
In your Boudoir photos you can be as covered as you want to be. There is a huge variety of poses and sets where you can be partially covered and give the illusion of being nude. All of this we will discuss and as I always say its up to you there is no right or wrong. If you feel great you will look great. We want you to have fun and enjoy your Boudoir experience.
Bottom Line: You never have to be naked during your photo shoot.

8. Boudoir is porn!

It is absolutely not!
Porn is intended to be sexually stimulating, whereas Boudoir is a celebration of a womans sensuality and is designed to help women feel great about themselves. There is NO COMPARISON. Here at Red Bow Boudoir Photography our photos are designed to be sophisticated and tasteful and we wont have it any other way!
Bottom Line: Boudoir is intended to be a celebration of a womans sensuality and beauty and for a select audience.