Posing. Everyone’s biggest fear when it comes to a boudoir photo shoot. “What will look good for me?” “That angle wouldn’t work for me.” “I could never look like that.” but today we’ll putting all of these worries to rest and giving you a bit of insight into how we select poses that work for each individual lady.

When our ladies arrive, some come with ideas, Pinterest boards etc and some come with complete trust in us to work out what’s best for them. So to make things easier when planning your photo shoot, we’ve put together a collage of 34 popular poses that work for everyone! If you’re struggling for posing inspiration, take a look through, then when you arrive you can select the numbers you like and we’ll go from there. Don’t forget we’ve got many, many years experience photographing boudoir and therefore will advise you in the best way to get those stunning photographs we know you’re capable of starring in.

boudoir posing guide