In today’s world of constant bombardment of picture perfect images of celebrities looking stunningly beautiful and immaculate in magazines, on TV and online, we can often be led into believing that when they look that good, that they must have the perfect lifestyle to go with it, with no everyday worries or issues that we all have – that’s why they look so good.

A prime example of this was illustrated when we recently welcomed a wonderful Lady in to the Red Bow studio for a boudoir shoot, who even before her make over, was a real beauty. She was petite, very pretty and had the most captivating smile, and looked like she didn’t have a care in the world.

It was only when she sat down in the make up chair that she began to unfold the story of her life and she told us of all the issues she has to deal with on a daily basis, and we were totally amazed at how she coped but also remained so happy and positive. She kindly allowed us to share her story with you….


Ms J was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a young child, and until recently she has been able to control it, albeit by doing many blood sugar level tests during the day, and also with insulin injections. However, when her young daughter poked her by accident in the eye, due to her condition Ms J lost her sight in that eye due to retinal bleeding, caused by the Diabetes. She therefore had to undergo several eye laser treatments, and from the way she described them, they sounded absolutely horrendous. She managed to get her sight back, until exactly the same thing happened again – she was poked in the eye for a second time, and had to undergo the whole nightmare scenario again. Thankfully she has regained the sight, but it is obviously a constant worry to her.

Ms J also told us of other health issues she has had to endure, such as an accident putting an end to a successful dancing career that she had, which took her all around the world. Also she told us of the fact that she had recently had a breast cancer scare.JA-12

Due to all of the stress and pressures she has been under, and knowing she was a fan of Red Bow Boudoir as she followed of page on Facebook, Ms J’s husband treated her to the Red Bow Boudoir shoot. Whilst he was at home looking after their young daughter, Ms J was able to enjoy being totally pampered by the make over, with a glass of Bubbly, followed by the photo shoot and afterwards Afternoon Tea. Ms J was a total natural and really enjoyed her shoot, but most of all it was time for her to relax, enjoy herself and completely forget about all her worries. Also she got a beautiful set of photos at the end, at which she cried.




So – it just goes to show, just because someone looks stunningly beautiful in a picture, no one knows what is going on behind that smile, and that everyone can benefit from the boost that a Red Bow Boudoir shoot can give you.

If you need a boost and some pampering, or know someone who does, why don’t you contact us to book, or maybe buy some gift vouchers in order to really make someone’s day.


We look forward to seeing you in the Studio soon! X

Juliette Harris Marsden