A few weeks back we had the GORGEOUS Ms F in the studio for a makeover confidence boosting boudoir shoot. At the weekend we received a LOVELY review from her, here’s what she had to say:

“I’d been following the Facebook page of Red Bow Boudoir Photography with intrigue for some time. There’s not many women I know, myself included, who feel happy with their appearance but the breath-taking images I saw told a different story. These ladies looked amazing and shone with confidence – ordinary women being extraordinary – I wanted some of that! Each woman unique, and on her own journey, yet united in their celebration of womanhood.

So, at the beginning of this year I plucked up the courage to contact Alison White who runs the boudoir studio to book a photo shoot.  As the weeks and days drew nearer I started feeling nervous, panicking about what to wear… and that I hadn’t quite managed to lose all the weight I’d wanted – basically just a standard female response! To be fair, it’s not every day you strip down to your undies and pose in front of strangers. If I was going to be that bold I needed to feel good too, so I treated myself to some glamorous underwear and heels. Well…nobody wants to be photographed in their old mismatched knickers and bra.

When the day finally arrived, I turned up clutching my bag of ‘outfits’ nervously. However, from the moment I walked through the door I was greeted with a warm welcome by Brad on reception before being escorted through to the make-up room by Alison. She was so friendly and down to earth that my nerves soon disappeared once we sat down and chatted over a coffee. We discussed the photo shoot, the sort of pictures I had in mind, as well as the reasons why I’d decided to do it. I’d previously filled out an online questionnaire so Alison and her make-up artist, Juliette, had an idea of what I wanted.  They both made me feel at ease immediately and without further ado, Juliette set to work on my hair and make-up, transforming me into a glamour puss, while I guzzled a glass of prosecco or three!

Feeling extremely relaxed after my pampering session and fizz it was time to prepare for the shoot. We went upstairs to the open plan boudoir studio where each stylish set oozed opulence and luxury.  There was also a private changing area where I could slip into my sexy undies. If you arrive without props and accessories, as I did, Alison has an abundance of items to complete your look, including everything from killer heels, pearls, long black satin gloves, to the most magnificent ostrich feather boa.

Lights… camera…action! Alison is a master at her profession and knows the most flattering positions so thankfully showed me how to pose. Juliette is too, and was on hand to touch up my make-up and adjust my hair in-between sets. Apart from a couple of moments when I had to suppress a surge of hysterical laughter (must have been my nerves!)I felt so comfortable in their presence.  And then, before I knew it, it was all over and I was getting dressed and heading back downstairs for refreshments and relaxation while the images were edited. My partner arrived soon after for the grand viewing! He was blown away by them, as was I, when we saw what Alison had captured. I found it hard to believe the beautiful and confident woman in front of my very eyes was me! It was an emotional moment.



In fact the whole day was a magical experience, and one I’ll look back on proudly for many years to come. It was special from start to finish and I’m so glad I found the courage to do it. Not only can I tick it off my bucket list but it has helped me discover a new found confidence as well as some much needed self-belief. For anyone thinking about getting this done – just do it! You’ll be so pleased you did because now is the time to shine and believe in yourself.”


By Fiona Sinclair