When we started Red Bow Boudoir, we always assumed that when Ladies booked a Red Bow Boudoir shoot, that it would be a one-off for a special occasion, or just something the Lady had always wanted to do – so we thought we would probably never see them back here again. But how wrong we were!

We have a growing number of clients who return to us for shoots for many reasons:
– some ladies sampled one of our Mini Boudoir sessions and wanted to return to do a longer shoot,
– some realised their nerves took over on the first shoot and they want to return with the confidence of knowing what is involved and really want to push the boundaries the second time,
– some see images in magazines, online and on our website that they now want the create,
– others buy new underwear that they want to be photographed in,
– or they may have done their first shoot as a gift for their partner, but now want to do one for themselves, or to celebrate a landmark birthday.

However, we have found that the most common reason for our Ladies to return is for confidence and self-esteem boost the Red Bow Boudoir experience gives them. This week we had the pleasure of welcoming back a lovely client who came back for exactly those reasons.

Marie is a beautiful petite mother of 3 wonderful children, with gorgeous green/hazel eyes and an amazing mane of long dark hair. On her first visit she shared her story with us, and she wanted us to share it with our customers to help them if they suffer similar issues to her.

Marie told us that she had gained an enormous amount of weight especially after having her children, and she realised this was having a negative effect on her relationship, so she took told of the situation and decided to lose weight. The way she tackled this was by using the Herbalife diet and walking everywhere she could! When she told us how much weight she had lost, we were blown away. She lost 8 stone, and is now a Herbalife representative herself. However, this magnificent achievement came with a downside – as Marie is so petite, she was left with a surplus of skin which she somehow hated more than the weight she had lost. Marie then underwent a series of operations to have this excess skin cut away, which has obviously left her with a few scars – emotionally and physically.

Even though Marie has lost the weight and the loose skin has gone, Marie still struggles with body dismorphia issues as she struggles to see herself as slim and beautiful. Also over the past year Marie has been struggling with a year of personal sadness due to family and friends becoming terminally ill, a separation from her Husband, issues with her facial skin, and a feature in a national newspaper about her weight loss whereby the ‘after’ picture made her look bigger then she actually is, and this really destroyed her.

Marie decided the best way to lift her spirits was by booking another shoot at Red Bow, as her last one boosted her confidence and self-esteem so much that she lived on that feeling for a long time. She has said, the experience of the whole day from the make over, to the shoot, to viewing the photos and the feedback she gets from them is just the boost she needs to help her get through her issues, and that she will be booking a shoot every year as a special treat to herself.

Have a look at Marie’s picture and see just how beautiful she looked.


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If you are experiencing any of Marie’s issues, or know someone who is, why not treat yourself, or your friend/loved one to a Red Bow Boudoir shoot? You or they will not believe what a positive effect it has on their lives.

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Juliette Harris Marsden