When we first started Red Bow Boudoir, we anticipated that it would be mainly just the Ladies who would want to come in for a shoot, but it soon became apparent that a few of our customers really liked the idea of having a Boudoir shoot, but wanted to have their partners appear with them in the photos too.  Therefore, one of the services we offer here is the Red Bow Boudoir Couples Photoshoot


It often makes us chuckle when the Ladies really like the idea of the Couple Shoot, but they have to do some major persuasion on their guys to get them to agree to it – one Lady even had to bribe her partner with a holiday to do did it!  As it happened, he really enjoyed the shoot and allowed us to pose him in all sorts of shots and he really didn’t want it to end.  We even managed to blindfold him bare-chested in a very racy shot!!


Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming a great couple in to the studio for their Couples Shoot.  Chris and Natalie were about to celebrate their first Wedding Anniversary, and Chris had been looking for the ideal present to give Natalie, bearing in mind that it is traditional to give ‘paper’ as a gift on your first anniversary.


After knowing that Natalie followed Red Bow Boudoir in Facebook and that she was a fan of our photos, Chris had the great idea of booking a Couples Shoot, knowing that the end result would be photographs – printed on ‘paper’.  How thoughtful was he??!!


When Chris and Natalie arrived, we discussed how the shoot would go, and they decided that as well as being photographed together, they would like some individual shots, which meant Natalie could enjoy the full Boudoir experience as well as the couples’ shots.


As Natalie relaxed and enjoyed her make-over, Chris went home to pick up Natalie’s fantastic Louboutin shoes which were an earlier present from Chris – these made a guest appearance in the photos later!


During her make-over Natalie shared her story with us of how she and Chris met, including some very romantic gestures from Chris, such as when he sent her a bouquet of roses, and she found there was one plastic rose in the bouquet, which she found very strange.  It was only when she read the card that she realised why.  It said “I will love you until the last flower dies”.  How romantic!!


It was obvious from how she spoke that she and Chris totally adored each other, and she could not believe that she could be so happy, or loved in such a wonderful way, as her last relationship was quite destructive and she was often put down by her ex.  This made her not believe in herself, which is really sad.


It was so great to see this couple so happy and truly in love, and we hope you can see this portrayed in these pictures from their shoot.

Collage of Couple Photoshoot


If you like the idea of a Couples Shoot, please contact us to book


We look forward to seeing you in the Studio soon! X


Juliette Harris Marsden