We are really excited to tell you all that we have recently appeared on the national magazine Take A Break.

The story featured the lovely Beverley Jane who came to us for a shoot a few months after she had a face-lift done.

Beverley had just turned 50 years old and looked after her body and attended regular zumba classes so was happy wiht her body but felt her face let her down, so she made the huge decision to have a facelift. Once all had healed she wanted to have some sexy photos taken so that she had something to show off the hard work she had gone to to look great.

The story is uplifting and we are very proud that she chose us for her boudoir shoot. She aims to come back for another shoot near Christmas for something Red and sexy :)

If you would like a boudoir shoot with Red Bow Boudoir Photography please call us on 01227 719185 or email alison@redbowboudoir.com