Today’s blog is about a subject which I am regularly asked questions about…

As the leading Make Up and Hair Artist here at Red Bow, I thought I would give a simple tutorial on how I achieve the perfect ‘Smokey Eye’ make
up look.

f28d233b6a3510fd9baea02dbaf7f8b1As with all make up application, smokey eye make up should be applied appropriately with regards to eye shape and colour, and it also depends on how dark and defined you wish your eye make up to be – some people love the full on black smokey eye with thick lashes, whereas others prefer a more subtle grey/brown smokey eye look.

Pro-tip: When I am doing a really dark defined smokey eye with lots of black powder shadows, I often choose to do the eye make up first, then I apply foundation to the face and around the eye after. This prevents dark powder spillage on your perfect base, which is often very hard to remove after foundation, without causing a panda-eye effect! Whereas before foundation, you can simply wipe spillage away without ruining your hard work

First of all you need to ensure you have the right tools to perform the job! I suggest the following brushes to achieve the look (Real Techniques do a great range):


• Concealer brush to apply concealer and primer
• Large soft ‘C’ brush to apply base
• Medium contour brush to apply shadow in socket line
• Medium brush to apply darker shadow on outside of eye and up into socket
• Small smudge brush to smudge liner on lash line, upper & lower
• Blending brush
• Angled eyebrow brush
• Soft sponge/puff to collect powder under eye
• False eyelashes and glue
• Small headed cotton buds to press lashes in to place
• Foundation brush to apply foundation around eye area, and rest of face, once the eye make up is complete


The products you will need

• Corrective products – eg . anti-puffiness cream
• Concealer – use to conceal blemishes & dark circles
• Primer – use to even out surface, stop creasing and to hold eye make up for longer
• Base – usually a light powder or cream eye shadow which acts as the base for the eye make up
• Socket line shadow – a medium shadow used to create depth in the socket line (you can also use a pencil and smudge it along socket line for extra depth)
• Liner – use along lash line (upper and lower) and smudge. You can also use this on the upper and lower waterline inside of the eyelid, to create even more drama
• Dark definition shadow – use to shape eye where shading is required on outer corner and up into socket line
• Highlight – use lightest shadow or cream to highlight brow bone, and inside corner of eye
• False lashes to really set off the look. Ensure the glue is tacky and not wet before you apply the lashes, and ensure the lashes sit right on the lash line tight against the eyelid. Use a thin cotton bud to press them in to place until set
• Liquid liner to line the upper lash line, after lashes applied – flick at sides if required
• Use brow wax or brow mascara to brush brows in to place, then use powder on the angled brush to define and shape
• Blending – essential to create a professional finish of the whole look

I really hope this tutorial has helped and has answered some questions about Smokey Eye make up application that you might have had. If you have any more questions on make up, perhaps you will be interested in this….

Here at Red Bow, we offer personal One to One Make Up Lessons at the Red Bow Make Up School. The lesson lasts 2 hours, and within that time you had the undivided attention of the Make Up Artist to ask them any questions you have on Make Up and application. The Make Up Artist will tailor the lesson to your needs, and will carry out a make up on one side of your face and then supervise you applying the same to the other side, to ensure you feel confident in replicating the look once you get home. We will help you to use as many of your make up products as we can, and also may suggest new products that will suit your needs.


Common requests we have are for the following subjects:

• Make Up Bag Overhaul (where ladies have been wearing the same make up for years and need a change of make up products and a new look)
• 10 minute Make Up in the mornings (where ladies have to rush out of the house, but still want to look good)
• How to achieve the following:
o Smokey Eye
o Dewy Skin
o Perfect Red Lip
o Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

So whatever your Make Up ‘hang up’, why not contact us for a lesson, for a new you!!

Juliette Harris Marsden