Scared to book a shoot with us, think that you wouldnt be able to do it! Well I am here to tell you that so many ladies think the same and when they finally take the plunge they wondered why they ever worried. Its so easy!! I guide you through absolutely everything from what to wear, how to pose, how to place your hands, your feet, your expression, the whole damn lot !!!

It really is a liberating and empowering experience and one you wont regret. You can look back at your photos for years to come and think wow I am hot, I can do and achieve, anything!

Here is what Ms B had to say

‘Simply brilliant. Alison kept in touch with guides and info, and my shoot day was so much fun! Very empowering, gave me some of myself back that I’d lost. If you feel bad about yourself just do this. It was my birthday treat to myself. Best day ever!’