Anyone that follows us on Facebook or Twitter knows that all of our ladies receive fully edited images from any shoot they have with us here at Red Bow Boudoir, however there is a lot of speculation around what ‘retouching’ goes on and how edited is ‘fully edited’. So I’ve decided in this blog to go through the ins and outs of what sort of retouching to expect from us at Red Bow.

First of all, I’d like to point out that retouching is the Marmite of the Photography industry, some photographers love it, and some hate it. We only use retouching to enhance our already beautiful images to provide the highest possible quality we can for our lovely ladies.


What should I expect?

We like to do our retouching in 2 stages; we start off with a ‘edited to view’ stage. As part of the SAME DAY viewing and ordering service that we offer, once we have finished the super fun photo shoot we take a 60 minute break while your images are lightly retouched. This allows you to see the full potential of the image whilst also requesting additional retouching that needs to take place. This is stage one of the retouching process. Editing to view involves skin softening; smoothing tone transitions, blemish removal and quick adjustments that really bring the image to life for your viewing session.

Once you have viewed your images and chosen the ones you wish to purchase, we then move on to stage two, this is where you have full control over your images! We do general background clearing up during this stage but this mainly involves input from you as to what you would like us to do with your images. Nothing is too much to ask whether you want your hair highlighted, your skin contoured or your tattoos removed, we can do it!

We have opted for this two stage process for both speed on the viewing day, and so that you choose the level that you take your images to, for example you can choose to go full editorial or request subtle natural enhancements.

I want to be as natural as possible, what techniques do you use to ensure I don’t end up like a mannequin?


We take extra precaution to ensure that we use non-destructive methods of retouching where possible, keeping texture is key to retouching. If you don’t notice the retouching, that’s retouching done correctly.

There are many programs out there which offer short cuts to ‘retouching’, mostly involving blurring of skin to give a porcelain mannequin look, which tends to put people off the idea of retouching. We use methods that allow us to refine and properly retouch an image without all this blurring nonsense that many photographers live by.

Take a look at these examples of close up retouching working; I’m sure you’ll agree that it is subtle and natural.


I really hope this blog answers a few questions in regards to what we do here at Red Bow in terms of retouching, however if you did have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


Bradley Williams