We are so excited to now have launched our VIP SUITE Facebook page where ladies who have been to us before, ladies who are booked in and ladies who would like to book in for a shoot in the future can find out more behind the scenes info , read about other ladies experiences as well as chat and ask questions amongst themselves.


The Facebook page has been set up now for just over one month and already we have had a competition, lots of conversations and ladies sharing their photos. The great thing about the group too is that its for LADIES ONLY and is a closed group so it is only the member that can see the posts and comment.

Here are some of the posts that have proved to be beneficial to lots of our ladies.

‘She arrived, She was glam, she left to go fishing 😘😂😘 just love this lady, so much fun today.
Not usually a girlie girl (her words) but wow she looked amazing xxx only allowed to share in our closed group which makes this super special xx
Don’t forget ladies we have our VIP cover girl comp on at the moment, last pics in by midnight tomorrow xxx’


‘Right Ladies, me again 😆 I’m just curious to know what we ‘as Red Bow Boudoir Lingerie model’s’ lol do as a day job when we aren’t posing on a couch for the lovely Alison??
I am a Nurse 😁’

This post got an amazing response with over 45 members posting a photo of themselves from their shoot


We are loving the interaction between ladies and hope that it continues. Please feel free to join if you would like a shoot in the future. https://www.facebook.com/groups/redbowvipsuite/