More and more I’m being asked the same question over and over, ‘what gear do you use?’. Firstly, I hate calling my equiptment ‘gear’, it sounds so rugged which is not what I’m about, I prefer to call my equpitment my tools, tools that help me create beautiful images and boost the confidence of many women. Anyway, enough about that, this blog is going to focused on what I use as a photographer to achieve the results I do, so for those that are interested in photography great! For those who are not I’m sorry if this gets too technical but bare with me!

First, Camera, my main tool. I currently use Canon 5D’s, they produce such great quality and now that i’ve worked with them for a while I’m so used to the layout and can work effeciently with them. I am definitely a Canon girl, not because other brands aren’t as great, I’m sure they are, I’ve just known the quality of the files I can get from my camera to be superb and perfect for the style of photography I do. I’m not looking to change my camera anytime soon as I’m just as in love with my beautys since the day I unwrapped them!

Next, Lighting, this is a key factor in photography and getting it right takes practise, more practise and a little bit more practise. I work with three different types of lighting here at our studio. I use Flash, Continious and natural light. All give very different effects and add real variety to what we can offer here. For flash I currently use Bowens Gemini 500 Pro flash heads with a variety of different diffusers from softboxes, beauty dishes and barndoors to create a variety of effects. For continuous I am currently in love with Lupolux, the quality of the light they put out is almost equivalent to daylight, the results are natural and soft. Lastly, natural light, this is my favourite. We’re lucky in our studio to have a 10 ft floor to ceiling window which sunlight absolutely floods through! I tend to use this a lot for my Bridal and Maternity, simply because it is so pure and elegant!

Finally, Lenses. I only use L lenses here at Red Bow, having good quality glass is more important than the camera, I tend to work mostly on my Canon L 24-105, which gives me a nice scope of focal lengths, this way I can get multiple shots from one pose which then helps in the sorting process to see what looks best! I can’t stress enough how important it is to have good quality glass but this shouldn’t limit you. Quality can still be produced with lower end glass but you will definitely notice a difference if and when you upgrade!

So with a mixture of a good camera, good quality glass, a good know how about lighting and a variety of soft furnishings, I am able to produce the quality of images that I do. I hope this has helped clear up this question, I know that I’ll be asked it again and again but that’s ok, we are all learning and like I said before, getting it ‘right’ takes practise, pracitse and more practise! :)

To all those fellow photographers out here, don’t be limited by your equiptment, push the boundaries and strive to achieve the best, that’s truly the only way to progress :) Good luck!