Here at Red Bow we never fail to be amazed at the life stories our Ladies share with us. Obviously we never expect our customers to share personal facts with us, but when we ask out of curiosity if there is a special occasion or reason why they have chosen to do a Red Bow Boudoir shoot, we are so often amazed with their stories they want to share. We are also so proud of the fact they have actually taken the plunge and turned up at the studio, once they have told us about the issues they are facing physically, emotionally and mentally. Last week, we had a beautiful Lady arrive at the studio who is a prime example of this, and she has allowed us to share her story…..
Kelly had been recommended to come to Red Bow Boudoir by a really good friend, who is a past customer and good friend of Red Bow Boudoir. This friend had told Kelly that her Red Bow Boudoir shoot had helped her immensely with her body issues, and she did nothing but sing our praises, which gave Kelly the confidence to book. See her friends story hereweb2

Often when our Ladies arrive, we welcome them in, and sit down with a cup of tea in order to settle their nerves, before we start the make-over. Once we start chatting, so many ladies feel compelled to off-load all of their insecurities – especially their body ones. It’s as if they feel the need to ‘warn’ us about their bodies before they change in to their underwear. It always makes us chuckle that ladies feel the need to do this, as we come across all shapes, sizes, ages and issues every day at work, so it’s all very normal to us, and there is nothing we haven’t seen before!!

Kelly began to talk about her body issues… she suffers with a condition called Lipoedema – a long-term (chronic) condition typically involving an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks. With lipoedema, the legs become enlarged from the ankles up to the hips. Both legs are usually enlarged at the same time and to the same extent. Kelly told us she had been trying to lose weight before her shoot, but any weight loss would tend to be to her upper body, and not her lower body, so she hates her legs and tries to pretend they don’t exist! Obviously, she was very concerned about how her legs would look in the photos, but we tried to put her mind at rest by explaining that lighting, certain posing positions and angles of the camera will most certainly help.

Kelly, is a Mother of 4 gorgeous children – one of which suffers with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Not only does Kelly have to cope with the issues and stresses that this brings, but she herself suffers with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and before the day of her shoot, had not been out of the house for 2 months! How brave is she?!

KH-24However, on the day of her Red Bow Boudoir experience, Kelly relaxed, put all these issues to one side, and really threw herself in to the shoot. We could not believe what a sultry and sexy look she had in front of the camera – she was so hot, she sizzled!!!

She even trusted us enough to allow us to photograph her with her legs on show in the shot. Also, at the end, she really went for it and we achieved a super sexy topless shot. Have a look at these photos and see what you think..

If you are experiencing any of Kelly’s issues, or know someone who is, why not treat yourself, or your friend/loved one to a Red Bow Boudoir shoot? You or they will not believe what a positive effect it has on their lives.

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Juliette Harris Marsden