2015 is Your Year!

With 2015 now upon us, many of us are carrying out our annual “New Year, New Me” routine. With many resolutions varying from shrinking your work load, to shrinking your waist line, the New Year can often seem daunting. But let’s try and make this year, the year that these goals become reality, and let’s refuse to let them become distant dreams.

Mind over Matter

Our team here at Red Bow, meets ladies of different shapes and size, from different backgrounds with different personalities; and with each comes new experiences and new friends. However you lovely ladies may be different, there is one common denominator; nervousness.

Often these nerves steam from fear of the unknown to simply fear of getting your kit off!! But these ladies who took it in their stride and overcame this uncertainty, left us feeling confident and sexy.

“This stunning Mum of 5 was bought a boudoir shoot by her lovely daughter who also came along with her for moral support. Ms S was so nervous when she arrived and said that if she hadn’t been treated to the shoot, she would never have had the confidence to do it, but now she is so glad that she did. She was such a natural and with her daughter making her laugh in the background I think it shows that she had a great time. She had a great selection of photographs, although it was so hard to choose as she looked fabulous in all of them.”

Collage of recent images from a boudoir shoot with a beautiful mother

So let’s take a page out of her book, and not let the fear hold us back… Hasn’t there been that one thing that you have wanted to do for so long, but everything else seems to prioritise? So this year, just do it, maybe Nike’s got a point.

It’s all about Attitude!

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – Katharine Hepburn

Perhaps 2015’s goal should be more about you, about what makes you happy. So many of us get bogged down in the dull routine of life; school, work, marriage, kids – the “normalities” we all try so desperately to live by. But why? Why should we live our life conforming to social norms? Our lives can still be full of support and love, we can still be mothers, daughters, wives, career women and make some time for ourselves.

So don’t worry about what others think, treat yourself, you deserve it. You want it, you get it!

We have had a lot of ladies come through our doors with different stories, and different struggles. But every single one of them have been courageous enough to overcome those difficulties and come out with their heads held high. And so, they should be proud.

One lady in particular, decided she wanted to make a change.

Meet Clare, a 30 something mother of two…

Clare before her weight loss transformation

“I’ve always been overweight – I’ll never be skinny (or want to be) but I decided that I needed to be healthy for my girls. After I had Amelie, my weight rocketed to over 23st and I decided it was time to finally make that change! I tried Slimming World and Weightwatchers, but I only lost a little bit of weight. Then I got pregnant again with Freya, but thankfully I didn’t put on as much with her. After I had Freya, I decided to give Lighterlife a shot; and in only 5 months, I’d lost a total of 6 stone! I was thrilled, I really started to live again! It was then that I felt confident enough to join a gym and started getting fit! With my weight flying off, my tummy tuck was one of the last pieces of the puzzle. All I can say now is, that I finally feel good in clothes again! Not quite naked! But having my photo shoot with you, and having those pictures really is liberating, because I actually look good in them!!

after shot of Clare during her boudoir shoot

Find more stories like Clare’s on our blog; because ladies, there’s nothing to fear… we’ve seen it all!!

… So with 2014 behind us, and  many more years that we’d prefer not to count; lets learn from all our hardships and all of our joy, to make this year the best one yet.


Stephanie x