Today we get to share with you a very special story of New Beginnings and New Shoes.




Ms C came for a boudoir photo shoot and had a story to tell. After recently going through a divorce this gorgeous Mum of 2 wanted to chill out with a bit for a bit of me time. She came with a friend who also had a photo shoot which made the whole experience that much more fun! Lots of giggles and laughs. Completely relaxed and ready to rock Ms C had her makeover and soon went up the studio where she blossomed. So natural with her posing and what a stunning smile.



We loved all of Ms C’s outfits, from the black lace dress to the denim shirt, it was hard to choose a favourite. Though there was one special outfit, or lack of outfit that really had a lot of meaning for Ms C. The final nude shot, in just designer shoes. The first pair she has brought herself as a treat since her divorce and where better to show them off than in our French Rococo chair in our natural light Hotel Suite set.



All round there was a lot of fun had and we created some truly stunning shots. Thank you Ms C for allowing us to share your stunning photographs and more importantly your touching story.

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