Last month we did a fabulous Marilyn Monroe themed shoot with Stacey Mandy Etherington. She approached our Make up Artist, Gemma Bates to see if we would be interested, which of course we were.


So as with all these things we needed to plan which shots we wanted to do and where in the studio would be best to suit the pose and style. So I did a bit of research and found so many photos of Marilyn I was spoilt for choice, but my particular favourites were the Ballerina shots from a shoot she did with photographer Milton H Greene in 1954. So iconic I just had to have a go.

So I got onto the internet to search for a net ballerina skirt that could replicate the one Marilyn wore. Didnt take too much finding so ordered that and some white long gloves for another image I loved of her.

So the day came and Stacey and Gemma arrived we were all very excited and Gemma started to work her magic in the styling of Stacey into Marilyn but guess what NO skirt had arrived and I was gutted. The gloves had turned up but that was no consolation for the skirt not arriving.

Anyway we got on with the shoot and had great fun recreating The Erotic Bed Set from 1962 with Photographer Bert Stem. And achieved some fabulous shots. It then got to 3pm and I had a client arriving to view her photos so we had to stop but we hadnt got all of the shots we had wanted to try out so Stacey agreed to stay so that after the client left we could carry on. Client came and went away very happy so that made my day and then out of the blue the people from next door came in to say they had taken in a parcel for me and YAY it was the ballerina skirt. So all turned out really well and we was able to do the Ballerina shots. I was so happy.

Themed shoots are always fun and if planned well can be a real success. I think our Marilyn shoot was one of those :) xxx

If you would like to discuss a themed shoot please give Alison a call on 01227 719185