Here at Red Bow, we speak to so many Ladies who are contemplating having a Boudoir shoot, but who often tell us they are just not comfortable wearing traditionally sexy lingerie, such as stockings and suspenders, and sometimes they tell us they don’t even own anything like that.

We understand that as women we are all very different and we all have different tastes, as well as our partners liking us in different things and outfits too.  Therefore, we always encourage our Ladies to bring a selection of outfits that they feel really comfortable in, as from our experience we know that if our Ladies feel comfortable, they will get much better pictures because they look relaxed, and therefore they exude sex appeal.

Since we have created the ‘White Set’ in the studio, this set has really leant itself to more casually sexy photos. One of the most popular looks is to wear a man’s shirt. Some Ladies bring in one of their man’s favourite shirts, and if the Lady feels comfortable to do so, we often suggest that they wear just knickers with the shirt, with no bra, so that we can create a really sexy look by revealing as much cleavage as they feel happy with.  We also blow wind in the hair to create a more fluid, naturally sexy look.  Even Ladies who do bring in traditional lingerie will often do this shot in a shirt, as it is a good choice of pose for a photo you can put on display somewhere in the house in more public view, rather than just a bedroom shot!! And if you dont want to wear a shirt we also have a selection of other tops you can choose from, even a Gypsy top which Alison loves to call the Gypsy tart :) LH-13

Another popular choice of outfit is to bring in your man’s favourite sports shirt.  We have created some fantastic shots of our Ladies in their man’s team shirt, and it always proves really popular with the guys!  Men can think of nothing more sexy than their Lady posing in their team’s strip – stuff that their fantasies are made of!! Here are a few poses one of our ladies did in the England Rugby shirt, we just love this. 

WE-26 WE-27 WE-28 WE-29 WE-30

Also, another option we discuss with our Ladies, is what we call ‘Illusion of Nude’.  Sometimes when we mention this term before their shoot, usually in hair and make up, we often see a look of horror come over their faces, as the word ‘nude’ sounds terrifying to them.  However, we always reassure them that this is purely optional, but we want our Ladies to understand what a wonderful effect we can create, and usually towards the end of their shoots, Ladies feel relaxed and comfortable enough to do this.  To create ‘Illusion of Nude’, we ask our Ladies to undress in the changing room and come out fully covered in a dressing gown.  Alison will get into the pose to show how we need them to look, and to show them how and where to drape the sheet, voile or boa over the body parts they want to hide.  Juliette will hold up a dignity sheet whilst the Lady takes off her dressing gown and gets into position.  Once you are comfortable and in position you tell us we can remove the dignity sheet and click, click the shots are done. The lights will already be in position, so that Alison can get the shot immediately.  The dignity sheet goes back up whilst the Lady puts her dressing gown back on.  The Ladies who do ‘Illusion of Nude are always so pleased they did it and the results are absolutely stunning!

So if you have thought of doing a shoot, but are not keen on wearing, or do not have any, traditional sexy lingerie then don’t fret, you can wear whatever you want.  Contact us now to book, or maybe buy some gift vouchers in order to really make someone’s day.

We look forward to seeing you in the Studio soon! X
Juliette Harris Marsden