So often we get messages from ladies worrying because they can’t find outfits, or they’ve ordered last minute pieces and they don’t quite fit right. So today I’m going to go into greater detail about an outfit we all have, nothing! That’s right, I know it may seem scary but let me explain. At Red Bow we pride ourselves on being able to offer tasteful, classy shots and one of our favourites here is something we like to call “Illusion of Nude” this is where we strategically place a bed sheet, voile, a t-shirt etc. to give the illusion of nude whilst still keeping all your intimate parts covered.

This may seem daunting at first, you may be conscious of wobbly bits, stretch marks or scars but we are professionals and we’re not here to see those bits, we’re here to take the most beautiful photograph you will ever see of yourself. We are totally respectful of your privacy and turn away whilst you get into position and get yourself covered up, then we will make minor adjustments to get that fantastic shot!


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