Every now and again, when a Lady calls us here at Red Bow Boudoir to enquire about booking a Boudoir shoot, they may ask if it is possible to bring their Husband or Partner along too. Often this is driven by nerves and they just want someone there for moral support, or sometimes it is simply because they want their Husband or Partner there to experience the day with them, and so they can see them looking utterly stunning in their gorgeous lingerie in luxurious boudoir settings.

Or, as was the case last week, when the Husband or Partner has booked the shoot for their Lady, they play such a big part in the day by arranging everything, and they just want to be there to see their Lady enjoy the wonderful experience.

This is not a problem to us at all. We welcome in the Boys, just as we do our Ladies, and it’s really nice to see them taking such an interest in what we do!

One of our gorgeous client’s last week was the lovely Penny, who’s wonderful Husband David had been looking for a suitable gift for Penny for her Birthday (how sweet??!!).

David had obviously done a lot of research before booking here at Red Bow, and we are always keen to know why our customers choose us and not our competition. David told us he was very taken by our website and the quality of the photographs, and he said they had a much more classy and sophisticated look to them than many of the other websites he had looked at, and this was exactly what he wanted for his wife. He also said that he felt that from the word go, from making the first enquiry by email, then subsequent telephone conversations with Alison, that he had most definitely made the right decision, as the professionalism of the business and friendliness shone through. We felt very proud!

Penny and David arrived at the Studio full of excitement about the shoot and were both wondering what the next few hours would involve. They had made sure their kids were all sorted back at home, so they could totally relax and not have to rush home. We could tell from listening to David, over a cup of tea, that he was just as excited as Penny, if not more so, as her excitement was twinged with nerves!

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David sat and watched as Penny had her make over. As someone who doesn’t usually wear much make up, David was astounded at Penny’s transformation, and he just kept complimenting her on how beautiful she looked.

We then moved upstairs to the Studio and David wanted to see the shoot in action. Some of the Gentlemen often decide to depart at this stage as they feel they don’t want to be in the way in the Studio, or put their wives/partner’s off during the shoot!

But David was really pleased he stayed as he got to see the Studio, and like most people was amazed at all the sets and the many options we have to create the backdrop for the photo. Penny was a natural and soon got in to pose and was very relaxed and confident. She put this down to the fact that she had David there, whereas other Ladies feel more relaxed on their own – pure personal choice.


If you have always wanted to have a Boudoir shoot, but your Husband or Partner is not keen on you doing it, why don’t you invite them to come along too, and hopefully they will enjoy the day just as much as David and Penny did!

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Juliette Harris Marsden