How you will feel after taking the plunge!!!

A recent client’s story.

I won’t deny I felt nervous about going through the door of the Red Bow Boudoir studio.  However, Alison and Juliette did not let that fear remain in my head for very long.

My first photoshoot at this studio was nothing short of an incredible experience.  I was amazed when I first stepped in front of the mirror after getting my hair and make-up done done by Juliette.  Yes I was still nervous during the first few poses as I questioned in my head how certain areas of my body must look in those positions.

After the shoot I sat down and enjoyed my lunch and appreciated the bubbles awaiting the moment of truth!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  That was me in the pictures and I looked beautiful!  I have never felt so alive in my life.  I have never loved myself more than I did in those moments.

Leaving the studio that day had me feeling like a confident new woman and I can’t wait to experience the feeling all over again next year.  I encourage anyone and everyone that is debating a session to take that leap, be vulnerable, try something new. I promise you won’t regret it.

Boudoir Photography