This gorgeous lady was bought a pampering makeover photo shoot by her daughter and fiance. A boudoir shoot has always been on her bucket list but Ms A has never had the courage to go for it. She was so very nervous when she arrived and wanted to cancel, but now on seeing her photos she said its the BEST thing she has ever done and adores her photos !! She felt really comfortable and would love to do it all again :) 

We absolutely love this outfit, so pretty :) 


This is what this lovely lady had to say about her experience :) xxx

“Being nervous was a understatement but something I’ve always wanted to do. Arrived at Red Bow Boudoir with my daughter and was greeted by a lovely lady called Alison she assured me that everything would be OK and not to be nervous After having a little chat and a glass of champagne I was feeling a little relaxed Then it was time to get my hair in Rollers and have my makeup done by a wonderful makeup Artist………I was feeling so excited and couldn’t wait to see myself in the mirror I looked like a new women I wanted to cry but did I want to ruin my makeup?……Now for the photo shoot WOW it was amazing I couldn’t believe that I was posing in just my underwear felt so relaxed and confident …….The photos were amazing (Was this really Me) So ladies please if you feel apprehensive please don’t be This will be the best experience ever Loved it so so much so Thank you Red Bow Boudoir”


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