I have recently been given the opportunity to open a larger studio, than the one I currently work from, and to expand my business so I have had to learn how to use Facebook and the Internet to help raise the profile of the business. Here is my story.

I have worked from home as a photographer for 10 years but did not want to leave my small studio whilst my children were growing up. Well they are now 18 and 16 and have little time for their mummy so when I was offered the chance to expand I thought right now is the time to take that leap of faith.

I got into Boudoir Photography about 5 years ago when I was working more as a wedding photographer and took many of my brides photos in their sexy wedding lingerie as a gift for their new husband and with the fantastic responses I got and the fun I had doing this sort of work I decorated my home studio as a boudoir and have been doing it ever since.

So 2 years ago I thought right I need to launch a new website dedicated to boudoir, which is called Red Bow Boudoir, and its been a hit ever since.

So over the past couple of years I have had a nice steady flow of clients, even some from abroad, but I knew that if I opened a new studio I would have to step the promotion and marketing up to a higher level. I knew I had to get a decent website designed, which is happening as we speak, and I knew that Facebook was the way forward. But to be honest I didn’t have a clue how to build the likes on my page or even what to post. But then I met the brilliant Alexandra Hill, hairstylist by night, marketing whiz by day and she shared some basic ideas with me on how to use Facebook and I haven’t looked back since.

So because I am a nice person ha ha, I thought you know what I bet there are loads of people out there who want to use Facebook for promoting their business but don’t know where to start so here are some ideas that Alex told me about, some stuff I discovered from Facebook blurb about promotion and also many You Tube videos.

So here is my what is good, bad and ugly about advertising on Facebook

The Good

So first of all what do you need to do??

OK so the first thing to do is build up your likes, this bit costs but you can limit the amount you pay per day and you can target your audience. Go to Create an ad its very straight forward.
Second and this is from Facebook themselves, interact with your audience.
Ask them questions,
Ask them for their opinions, you’ll be amazed at some of the brilliant ideas you get from people.
Put offers on there. BOGOF, bring a friend, 2 for 1, discount packages etc
Throw in a competition every now and then, but don’t over do it.
Share other related businesses posts. For example I have recently bought some fantastic lingerie from the lovely Sonya at ‘The Burgundy Boudoir’, also on Facebook, and she often posts pictures and cartoons that are not only funny but have a good message. They talk about lingerie or how we feel about our bodies I can often share them as they also relate to my business. So I help her and she helps me. Best form of marketing.

If people have liked your page they will be interested more often than not in your posts. I am nearly up to 1000 likes and have been getting a great response about the work I do and it has brought me in loads of lovely new clients.

People have taken the time to give me ideas on what sort of furniture to get for the new studio, what colour schemes to go for, even to the new lingerie I have bought. They now feel like its their studio to, its been a joint effort. I am flattered that people are interested.

Facebook has been a great marketing tool for me and I cant thank Alex enough for putting me on the right track.

Use Facebook wisely and and you will enjoy the benefits.

The Bad & The Ugly

Unfortunately, however, there will always be disadvantages when using the internet. There will always be someone who is threatened by your success whether its because they are a competitor or just jealous.

Because Facebook is open to everyone you are always going to get companies and people on there that are not as genuine as you are. They will act under the guise that they are experienced, qualified, insured when in fact they are not, if they are really awful they may even make up rubbish about you, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do about that. Don’t waste your time on them. Just remember that you have worked hard to achieve what you have, and that only genuine companies will survive. Your work will speak for itself.

Unfortunately the more interaction you promote the more chance there will be that the odd person will make stupid, or sometimes even rude comments, just delete them, deal with it professionally and DON’T take it personally. If they have taken the time to stalk your page and write rubbish then they probably aren’t very busy and have nothing better to do.

Deal with people in a professional manner and don’t get personal. People will see through them anyway.

I have ultimately benefited hugely from using Facebook and am enjoying the interaction and feedback which motivates me to work harder and strive to do my best.

And finally when you have a great website use Blogging as a tool to get your website high up on Google. Keep the subject matter professional and business related and you will benefit from your hard work.

I hope that this has helped some of you who want to use Facebook and the internet to promote your business and wasn’t sure. I wish all genuine businesses out there every success!!