“I have had 3 shoots now but each time I feel like I have butterflies in my tummy… But once I get to Red Bow and see Alison I instantly relaxed and get excited to start the makeover and photo shoot. It was AMAZING! I truly believe every woman whatever size or age and whether confident or not should all do a boudoir shoot! If not for as a gift for their other half, do it for yourself! You won’t regret it and you’ll leave looking & feeling like a million bucks!” – Miss H

Loved doing this shoot with gorgeous Ms H. She brought along her faux fur jacket and despite the UK going through a  heatwave and the temperature in the studio being so very warm we still decided to use the jacket and so glad we did. So HOT in so many ways.

Our Summer bookings are now completely full and we are booking into October now so if you are looking to have a shoot this year especially if its going to be for a Christmas present then check out our online booking diary to get yourself booked in.

We are an all female run makeover boudoir photography studio offering confidence boosting makeover photo sessions for all women! Call us on 01227 719185 or email us at info@redbowboudoir.com