JL-10What an exciting day we had in the studio on Tuesday…. We plan a few Promo Boudoir shoots over the year to coincide with key dates on the calendar, such as Mother’s Day, the Wedding Season, Halloween and Christmas. On Tuesday, the inspiration was Valentine’s Day, and due of the release of the film at that time, we also wanted to make reference to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – seeing as this fits very well with the sexy, sultry (and sometimes slightly naughty!) look some of our Ladies like to portray.

The Promo shoots give the whole team the opportunity to stretch our creative minds with regards to sets, poses, lighting, props, hair, make-up and hair, and post production. It allows us to really push the boundaries and try out new ideas, in order to provide a whole new range of images we can offer to our customers.


Another idea we have been wanting to do for a long time is to make a video of a shoot in action, so that prospective customers can see the studio, meet the team, and get a really good ‘behind the scenes’ idea of what the shoot entails, before the day of their shoot. So many of our clients suffer from pre-shoot nerves, as it’s usually something they have never done before, and they do not know what to expect. So we hoped a video would help to calm those nerves and answer a few questions they may have in their minds and make them feel a lot more comfortable.
So – we asked the lovely Chris from Spark Film Production company, to come in and video the whole experience of a Boudoir shoot. We had such a scream, as the team here are not used to being on the other side of the camera, and a few takes were needed to get it right, between the giggles!!

Our Model for the day was the beautiful Jade. Jade took some valuable time out from her University course to model for us for the day. Jade had not done a boudoir shoot before, and was nervous herself, especially as she was being videoed as well as having the shoot done! However after chatting to us for a good hour whilst having her hair and make up done, she soon relaxed. Also, once she’d seen her hair and make up, you could tell she felt so much more confident and glamorous, and prepared for the shoot.


Recently we have added some beautiful new pieces of furniture to the studio, such as the new white French Rococo Bed, beautiful new luxurious bedding, and some new sets with gorgeous coloured backgrounds, as well as new lighting techniques, such as a fairy light backdrop, and our new super Ice Light tool, which gives a wonderful effect. We were really keen to try these ideas out, and I hope that you think the results speak for themselves in the pictures.

JL-2 JL-7

The objective of the day was not only to create some beautiful new images and video the experience, but to illustrate to our customers the exclusive, luxury product that we offer – a pampering, empowering, ego-boosting experience with beautiful images, and memories of the day, that last forever.


We really hope you like the images we produced during this Promo shoot, and the video (once it has been produced) and we very much welcome your feedback on them.


Most of all we look forward to seeing you in the Studio soon! x