I am often asked about how I do airbrushing although I prefer to call it editing, post production or digital artistry.

I love the affects post production can have on a standard photo but if it is not done well it can look absolutely awful. We all want to look our absolute best and I feel that with the use of photoshop and other techniques a standard photo can be transformed, however those that don’t have the experience can sometimes get it all wrong! I feel my clients deserve the best, and I can honestly say that with many years experience behind me, I offer a very high standard of post production! Often the women I take photo’s of are shy and nervous, which is understandable, so it can sometimes be hard for the inner beauty that we all have to shine through! It doesn’t matter what shape or size, we are all beautiful and although you may be nervous to start with, the final result will always make anyone, shy or not, look absolutely fabulous!

I understand that there is an art to airbrushing, I didn’t just load up photoshop and start creating master pieces! It’s very much a case of looking at finer details, here is an example of what I mean, the image on the left is too false, almost looks as if the fingers are webbed! Oh no!! Whereas the image on the right although has been airbrushed is natural and soft. Just as a side note, this is actually an image of mine, edited by me.


So what do I use well obviously Adobe Photoshop is the main tool, but Lightroom and various filters, masks and advanced software are used to achieve the effects that my clients love to see. When choosing a photographer where editing is part of the final image just take a close look at the detail and see how natural the work is. No one should look like a plastic doll plus its a bit of an insult to over airbrush someone especially in my opinion a lady. All ladies are beautiful and their natural beauty should shine through.

Below is another example of the type of airbrushing we do here at Red Bow, subtle, soft and elegant. This is Hayley, who in the ‘before editing’ image already looks gorgeous, however with a gentle helping hand from photoshop, this image has been transformed, to make her look stunning, without looking too Barbie like. I’ve also added a black and white copy of the same image just to show you how the use of post production can give an already stunning image that va-va-voom that we all need in our lives!