Last week we launched a new competition to be used on our next Creative Project.

As photographers we like to keep our work fresh and stylish and we know that from the feedback we get from our Red Bow fans that they also enjoy the variety that we post on Facebook. So we plan into our work a creative shoot once every six weeks so when we finished our last shoot we decided to put it to all our Facbeook fans and give them the chance to get involved..

This is what we put onto facebook —


All you Red Bow fans know that we love a bit of creativity here and I thought that why not get you all involved in planning our next creative project and win the chance to be our model for the day.

Competition entries must be in by 10am, Friday 27th September 2013, no entries will be accepted after that time.


Terms & Conditions – Must be 18 years or over to enter. By entering you are agreeing to be our model for the day and you will be giving us permission to use your photos on Facebook and our website. The judges decision is final. One theme ONLY per person. NO ANIMALS !!!

Our panel of judges was made up of 4 people, Alison White LSIGFP, Juliette Harris Marsden, Gemma Bates and Bradley Williams. All of the 83 entries were entered into a spread sheet so that we could montior duplications of themes and then on Friday the 27th September we closed the competition and our judges deliberated over the weekend.

It was very difficult as many of the ideas we loved but becauce more than one person had submitted the idea we then couldnt use it as we could only have one winner.

We all had to select our three favourite themes and then I would make the final decision. But the decision was unanimous and our winner is

Leoni Barnes Holman with the ‘Rhianna Rude Boy’ idea.

Here are some of the other ideas that were submitted :

  • 60s theme
  • Cadbury’s theme
  • Katy Perry theme
  • Wartime glamour theme
  • Mystical fairies/Angels theme
  • Carnival theme
  • LAce & Pearls theme

As you can see they are all good ideas but we chose the Rhianna Rude Boy theme for a variety of reasons.

  • It’s fresh and modern
  • It gives the makeup and hair stylist the chance to be creative
  • The photography and lighting must be fun and exciting
  • And post editing is dramatic and fun

The photos will not be exactly the same as we will want to add our own take on the idea but it will be fun and vibrant

Shoot will be taking place on Saturday 16th November

So watch this space, date will be announce of the shoot and then photos posted in die course. Thanks again for entering !!!!! xxx