The Best Gift !!

Are you unsure what to get the love of your life for a birthday or anniversary? An album of boudoir photos of you can make a surprising and moving gift for your significant other, regardless of the occasion, but figuring out how to present your photos can be a challenge. And to make it even better its an amazing gift for you too! 

To help you out, we put together a list of fun ways to present your photos to that special someone to make the occasion, WOW!

Create a sexy slideshow.

If you go for one of our luxury collections that includes the digital file you could use your boudoir photos to make a slideshow and have the images playing when your partner comes home. Put the slideshow on his computer or tablet. If you go that route, just make sure you dont put them on their work computer that could be awkward, ha ha !!

Create a scavenger hunt.

This is a great surprise and loads of fun for you both! Have your photos printed as postcards and write messages on each one, hiding them around the house for your partner to find. The end of your scavenger hunt can be the bedroom, where you’re waiting with the full boudoir album—and maybe wearing lingerie that you worre for your shoot. How to blow their mind right there :) xx Check out our Gallery for ideas

Celebrate your love.

Many ladies have a boudoir session is a lovely anniversary gift and a reminder of how much you care for your partner. Consider hiding the album in your partner’s wardrobe or home office scattering prints around the house for them to find. If you do that, please sned me a video. I would lvoe to see their reaction :) xxx

Surprise them just because.

Now I always say a boudoir session with Red Bow is prmarily a gift for you but if you need a reason to do boudoir photos. Maybe you just want to do something unexpected to let your partner know you still love them like crazy. If they travels a lot, consider slipping the album into their suitcase for them to find later. Or send him photos throughout his trip as a teaser of what he can look forward to when he comes home.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, or just want to show your love in a new way, boudoir photography offers a fun and sexy way to surprise the love of your life. 

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