On the 29th of July 2013, we announced a Facebook competition to win the spot of being Red Bow’s Cover girl for September! All it took was a like, a share, and a head and shoulders photo sent to us.

We received over 90 entries and you were all so stunning!

Once we had reached the closing date, and the flood gates to more entries were shut, all of the entries were put into a seperate album onto Facebook, this is where it got really got interesting! The way you could win was to have the most amount of likes. 1 like meant 1 vote, and it was very close between the winners!

And here is our lucky beautiful winner – Liz Jack


With way over 400 likes, our winner, Liz Jack, won a free photoshoot and the cover spot at the top of our Facebook page with this photo.

So, a little bit about Liz, she’s 42 years old from Medway, she has 2 children and was feeling a bit down about herself due to going through a hard time and recently underwent throat surgery as the doctors suspected Cancer! So she eneterd the competition as a way of gaining confidence within herself, and to help herself see how beautiful she really is!

On the 23rd of August Liz came to the Red Bow Studio for her boudoir shoot, here’s what she had to say afterwards.

“Alison…I seriously can not believe how beautiful you have made me look. YOU’RE one of the most amazing women that I have ever met..you are such a fantastic person and your photography is beyond perfect!!! I left you today feeling so overwhelmed that you made me feel totally at ease and felt like I had known you for years. I would very much like to stay in touch with you. You have made my Daughter even more proud of me and she is over the moon. You are incredible!!! I feel honoured to be your cover girl.”

So here they are, a few images from the shoot! Check our facebook cover photo to see more! :)


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