Today we received this lovely testimonial that we just couldn’t not share with you all. Ms C posted this in our VIP suite, a safe place designed for ladies to share their experiences, ask questions and have some general girly chit chat in an ever growing community of Red Bow clients, past, present and future. Any lady interested in a boudoir photo shoot is welcome to join and it is a LADIES ONLY group so no need to worry! If you’d like to join our VIP Suite, Click here!  Here’s what the lovely Ms C had to say:

“Eeeekkkk!!! Yesterday was the most amazing, frightening yet liberating day!!! I was lucky enough to win the last competition and yesterday was the day for my shoot… All this week I had been so close to cancelling.. My anxiety shot through the roof and I didn’t think I could do it, but I didn’t cancel and made my way there.. Stood outside for 20mins before I could walk in 😂… I’m so glad I did. They are so so welcoming,and make you feel so comfortable. The makeover alone was such a confidence boost.. I have NEVER seen myself like that and it was amazing as I didn’t think it was possible!! Once the shoot started I felt really silly,, but Alison reassured me every step of the way and before I knew it I was viewing my pictures… I haven’t been able to look at a picture of myself without cringing for a very long time.. But I honestly kept looking at all of mine, not believing that it could be me.. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to look at them and feel proud and happy with yourself!!! I will definitely be booking again, as I know what to expect and how good it can make you feel  so if you have your shoot coming up please don’t let it worry you, you will come out feeling like you never have before and wanting to go back as soon as possible. Thank you so much to red bow, you have given me confidence which I never thought I’d have again xxxxx”