“I knew I wanted to do a shoot but I didn’t quite know what to expect. From the initial booking, I was made to feel so special. I’ve never had such a lovely welcome pack for anything! This, and the follow up care, including the Facebook group, just proves that Alison cares. Yeah, it’s a nice bit of marketing too but the feeling of being treated like you’re special lasts from start to finish and more importantly, is genuine. Julliette is an absolute miracle maker and just as personable, friendly and warm as Alison. I’ve never had my hair or make up done professionally and never had false lashes! But Julliette was so lovely, she made me look incredible and I’ve never loved my hair as much as I did once she had finished with it. She listened to the kind of thing I liked and explained why certain things do/don’t work. She instilled such confidence. Alison and Julliette made me feel so welcome from the offset and never once did I feel uncomfortable. I was able to explore boundaries in complete respect and they were both so complimentary which made me feel even more amazing. The experience was incredibly empowering and I don’t think there could be two other ladies who are as genuine, friendly and yet professional as these two. It was a wonderful experience and I’d recommend anyone debating it to go for it! You will be well looked after. I wasn’t quite sure what to take with me so I took a massive stash. Both Alison and Julliette helped me choose outfits and adjusted straps/hair/anything else that needed it so discreetly and with complete respect. Which again, confirmed my trust in them that they were paying attention to such detail I would probably never even thought about. I was so nervous about the viewing session as I don’t think I’ve ever truly liked a picture of myself. I’m a massive critic and always focus on something I don’t like. I was more nervous about looking at the photos than I was taking my clothes off! But the images were absolutely stunning. I couldn’t believe it was me. Alison guided me through the poses with such natural warmth and honestly knows how to work lighting – I could never have guessed the images would turn out like they did. I would recommend Red Bow Boudoir Photography to anyone. I don’t know when, but I’m definitely going back. Thank you Red Bow for such amazing photos and for a wonderful, empowering experience ❤”

Boudoir Photography
White Sheet Boudoir