My Red Bow Boudoir experience from the other side of the camera

Last December over a few drinks at the Red Bow Boudoir team Christmas Party, we were discussing ideas for the year ahead, and it suddenly dawned on me that I would be 50 in the August! Lots of Red Bow customers have asked me if Alison or I had ever done a boudoir shoot ourselves, and it made me think that we both really should do one, to experience just how the ladies feel – through every step of the experience. So we arranged for me to do a shoot to commemorate my landmark birthday.

As the months passed, I realised that August was approaching fast, and I started to feel a mix of nerves and excitement. The most exciting bit was choosing the outfits to wear. Do I take my old favourites, or buy new ones? Do I want to look classy, sophisticated, sexy, sultry, vintage?….. then I got myself really confused! But at the end of the day I knew I just wanted to have fun.

I found a few images on Google that I liked, but then worried as I thought I would never be able to pull them off, as the girls in the pictures were so stunningly gorgeous, and had figures and faces to die for!!

On the day of the shoot, I did feel nervous, even though I go through the experience on a regular basis with our customers. I began to understand all the things our ladies regularly tell us when they first arrive, like: how they feel naked without their make up on when they arrive, and how they feel the need to apologise for all their ‘imperfections’ (my mummy tummy, my wrinkles, the veins in my legs etc. etc…) before they undress!!

As I sat down in the make up chair (how weird was that!!), I began to relax in Louise’s hands as she performed her magic. Obviously as a Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist myself, I did have some ideas which I discussed with Louise previously, but I felt 100% comfortable and confident and really enjoyed the experience. I loved the fact that I couldn’t see what she was doing until the big reveal – once she had finished. I was delighted! Seeing myself transformed really gave me the confidence to get in to character and I couldn’t wait to get started. I had wondered how I would feel walking out of the changing room for the first time, but once I had changed in to my first outfit, I came out excited and ready to go.

Alison had chosen a few of the images I liked to try and emulate. The biggest lesson I learned is that every woman’s body and dimensions are so different, and it can be quite tricky for some people to get in to a particular body position, however fit you are. Even though I see ladies posing every day I work, it was still a challenge, as it has to look natural. Alison puts you at ease so quickly and makes sure the pose is just right. The shoot seemed to whizz by, as I was having so much fun.

Once the shoot was over, Brad then started to work his magic in post-production. Then there was the anticipation of when I would see the first peek. The suspense was killing me, but when I saw the first image appear on Facebook, it was such a wonderful feeling. Was that really me??!! I was thrilled. And once the ‘likes’ and wonderful comments came flooding in, it was such a confidence boost and my self-esteem went through the roof. (This meant a lot to me, especially after enduring a difficult past year personally).

I would just like to thank Alison, Brad and Louise for making my 50th Birthday Boudoir shoot so special, and thank you too to all the Red Bow Boudoir fans for all your likes and comments. I had the most amazing time and have something really special to remember of how I looked when I was 50.

I would recommend having a boudoir shoot to every woman, for the positive impact it has on you and for the wonderful experience. And I will now know how you are all feeling when you come in for your shoot, from first-hand experience!!

Juliette x

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