This story is a touching story about a lady who had some real body issues and lacked any form of self confidence but since having her photos done with Red Bow Boudoir Photography and encouragement from her husband has regained her confidence.

I will refer to this lady as Ms S and will remain anonymous at her request but was happy for me to tell her story as she wants it to help others who may feel the same as she did. She has allowed me to post a couple of her photos which has taken a lot for her to agree to. I am so proud of her.


So here is her story…

I recently did a shoot for a lady, Ms S, who prior to coming to Red Bow for a shoot had very serious confidence issues to the point that the thought of having her photo taken caused her to feel very sick. However, a fellow photographer and friend of Ms S, David Christie asked her to do a shoot that he wanted to do in the snow, but MS S was so painfully nervous that she was sick a couple of times. Dave was very encouraging and got her through it. The photos were fantastic, our lovely lady walking in the snow with her dog and you would never have believed the anxiety that she had gone through to do this shoot.

She spoke to Dave about how she felt and he suggested that she should come along to Red Bow and have a makeover shoot as he had heard that we do makeovers and that we are here to help ladies get their confidence back through having a fun pampering session and photo shoot and finally getting WOW factor photographs that they can be proud of.

So she took Dave’s advice and gave me a call and she explained that she had epilepsy and that she was terrified of the camera but she wanted to do it, so after a lovely chat the day was booked.

In the weeks leading up to the shoot our lovely lady emailed me several times really worried about various things, was I going to use her photos on Facebook, she felt fat and blotted, and felt very sick, but each time I tried to reassure her that it would be ok, but understandably I was concerned, I had to get this right I felt a huge responsibility and wanted to make her proud.

Here is one of her emails the nerves were kicking in.

’36DD and they say I am a 12 and yet I wear size 16!!! Then moan things don’t fit! 5 foot 5 and weigh (don’t tell anyone!) 10 stone or if I weigh in morning 9.12!!! Lol

So big bird stuff!!!! X

I tried on a few things that people brought me and some fits so do have a basque!thingy x ‘

So the day of the shoot came and I was really looking forward to meeting her I had had some really funny messages and I mean humorous I knew she was going to be good fun. So she turned up with her friend, who was there to lend a hand if she had a fit, OMG I said I was worried but it was all fine. So she had her makeover and we all chatted loads, and I gave her a few glasses of bubbly to calm the nerves. Then the time came for the shoot and I thought she was going to pass out, she almost cried, her eyes filled up but no she was determined to do it, so off she went into the changing room and put on her gorgeous outfits and out she came all covered up in a dressing gown.

I tried to put her at ease and emphasised that I wouldn’t ask her to do anything she wouldn’t feel comfortable doing, I got into each pose and made a fool of myself, as usual, so we laughed loads and it was such fun. Then it was her turn and after the first couple of shots I stopped because I realised she was holding her breath, so jokingly I kept saying ‘ annnnnd breeeeeathe’ ha ha, it turned out to be one of the best shoots I have done she was so much fun and although she was totally relieved when it was over she got into it and really enjoyed it.

Here is another one of her photos:


Now normally ladies come back to the studio a week later to view their photos but in this case I made a special concession and put them online for her to view as she was too scared to view them in front of anyone. She said that all she could see in the mirror was a fat, old lady, but that certainly isnt what we saw.

I edited the photos and I might add I dont go mad with the airbrushing despite what people may think, good makeup, good lighting, good camera skills and bingo you get a great photo and then just a little TLC in digital heaven and Bob’s your Uncle you have an awesome photo.

So she received them and it took her nearly a week before she braved it and opened the email. She waited for her husband and they viewed them together. I am delighted to say that this lady has an amazingly supportive husband who helped her to see herself for the beauty she is and not the fat, old lady she saw.

We have since been texting each other and it is great to hear that having a photo shoot with us she is starting to feel good about herself again. Here are some of the things she has said since the shoot:

Thank you, I had no idea till I liked your site at how many people are so body phobic. What you do is truly amazing and proud to say not airbrushed to death. x’

‘Thanks again for everything I actually wore a sundress today which is short!!!!!! Brave ……..I would never have shown my shoulders, arms and legs but feel so confident! Its amazing, hubby said he will pay for me to have another shoot xx’

Hubby said – ‘Pass on his thanks for showing me what he sees’………………………………. oh yes I had happy tears then :) x’

I want to thank Ms S from the bottom of my heart for letting me share her story, she is an inspiration to me and now to others.

So if you have any issues or are concerned about having the confidence to have a shoot then think of Ms S, you could benefit form a boost just like she did.