Its so nice to receive such amazing and positive feedback from a lady after she has had her Make Over Boudoir Photo Shoot, We are an all female boudoir photography studio based near Canterbury in Kent. If you want to know more please contact us

‘This might be a long review as there’s just so much good to say. Right from making the initial booking everything was very professional. After confirming my address Alison sent the most wonderful guide, full of useful tips and advice about outfit choices, what to expect on the day and timings. Would strongly recommend that this is read!! There was great communication from Alison right up to the day of the shoot. Emails and text reminders. A really useful ‘getting to know you’ form so that my expectations and preferences were known in advance. On the day itself the venue is really easy to find and looks professional from the outside. Alison made me feel so welcome and relaxed (after the first 5 minutes of ‘what am I doing here’ settled). I’m convinced that both she and Juliette are witches with magic in their fingers. Juliette really did work miracles with make up and hair. Wow! I didn’t look as good on my wedding day. Just perfect for me. Even I think I looked pretty amazing when she’d done. Up to the boudoir then for the photos – Alison put me at ease and demonstrated each pose. Lots of direction and assistance with making sure that I looked the best possible. Another big thank you to Juliette here – as well as making sure my makeup remained perfect she also arranged hair to suit the pose and even provided support when needed for some of photos. Alison clicked away, showing the odd photo to keep me enjoying it but most were a surprise to be seen later . . . Viewing the photos themselves was a major event. I’d brought my partner in to view them, which was good. Felt so overwhelmed and emotional on seeing them. I genuinely looked good, no I looked great! Sexy, confident, attractive. Tears flowed. Wow, Wow. Wow. Even after the day Alison has been great with sending proofs and have to say the mobile app is a great investment. My first boudoir photo shoot is now complete, can’t wait for the album and wall art to arrive. My first – but definitely not my last. This was a real confidence boost, a reminder that we all understimate ourselves and that I can now hold my head up and remember that I am beautiful. If you haven’t booked yet or are worried all I can say is go for it. You will look fantastic, the photos will do you justice and the wonderful Red Bow ladies will make you feel a million ‘dollars.

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