We had the beautiful Ms J in last week with her lovely fiance. Ms J decided to do a shoot for his 30th birthday gift and was going to do it as a surprise but then decided to bring him along and we are so glad she did as we had a great time together.

Lady laying on white bedding for her mans 30th birthday gift

Ms J was dreading today and thought she would hate all of the photos but instead they struggled to get rid of any and afterwards she said she felt amazing. Mr J loved the whole experience to seeing how the photographs were taken and being part of it all and he absolutely loved the photos of his sexy lady. A very proud man :)

Here’s what she had to say:

“WOW WOW WOW what can I say Alison, Juliette and Brad have managed to make me feel like a sexy little minx ME a mum of five who struggles everyday with the pains of having a under active thyroid!

With their help I was made to feel amazing and none more so than for the fact that these pictures were all me, ALL me wobbly bits, blemishes and all the bits I hate right there on camera, untouched but yet I struggled to choose the best photos !! I don’t normally like any photos of me.

I had the shoot with my fiancée watching for his 30th birthday, which made the whole experience even better as for the first time I truly saw myself as he has always seen me and seeing you proud look on his face made me feel like a million dollars.

I can’t thank you all enough, your all the most loveliest, genuine people who made me feel as if I was hanging out with my friends.

I will be back ! xx”

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Sexy standing shot in our grey set for her mans 30th birthday gift

We are just loving this shot as Ms J forgot to bring her shirt so we had to get Mr J to remove his, ha ha!! If you’d like to do this for a gift for your man give us a call on 01227 719185 or drop us an email at info@redbowboudoir.com and we can get you booked in :)

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Backlit shirt taken with mans shirt of gorgeous lady for her mans 30th birthday gift